Welcome back! Last semester was a challenge thanks to COVID-19, but hopefully students can get used to a new normal for the time being. Wearing masks is just one of the ways to keep campus safe, especially inside a building or outdoor in busy areas. Does that sound comfortable by itself? No, but still wear a mask. Do not however try to wear a plague doctor costume except when spending time indoor with air conditioning.

Of course we can not forget weather safety with a Darwin Award twist. When thunder roars, go indoors. All this and more horrible depictions of weather in pop culture can be found on Yahoo! Answer.


1. Drink plenty of fluid (no, Coke doesn’t count)

2. Take some rest time when exercising outdoors

3. Enjoy some good old air conditioning

4. Yes, masks are still required

5. Treat electrolytes as essentials

Wishing everyone a good start to this semester despite many changes happening on campus. On top of wearing masks in public areas, make sure your hands are squeaky clean, keep six feet apart, and follow the rules.