Kristin Kittell | Assistant Perspectives Editor

The presidential election of 2008 was an exceptionally stimulating one, introducing what may be hailed as the most diverse slate of contenders the United States has ever seen. In the midst of this diversity appeared a character that, despite the loss of her running mate, would keep media tongues wagging for years following the election by simply refusing to be forgotten.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin rose from the ashes of a failed campaign and is now easily one of the most talked about ex-politicians in America.

Palin is by no means, lacking in media attention, but she is lacking in widespread and relentless condemnation.

From the intimate details of her familial relationships to the personal lifestyle to which she adheres, critics have unearthed and gone to war with every piece of Palin-related information they could get their hands on. This has caused great disdain for Palin, earning her a slew of disapproving voters for every supporter she’s gained.

While Sarah Palin is, in my opinion, in no way fit to hold political office, it’s very clear American voters have no idea how to distinguish appropriate news from inappropriate news.

It’s no secret to the American public that Palin’s daughter Bristol gave birth to a child out of wedlock and has since had a strained and notably unhealthy relationship with the child’s father. Bristol went on to compete on “Dancing with the Stars,” a viewer-voted celebrity dance competition.

Palin’s support for her daughter led viewers to the conclusion she was stacking the vote with her own Republican supporters and was therefore invalidating the sanctity of televised dance-offs. This, paired with the alleged infidelity of her husband Todd, has been the source of extreme scrutiny for far-right conservatives who feel the very existence of the Palin family offends the rights of conservative voters.

Palin’s style has also often been the source of media criticism. From the moment of her appearance as the running-mate of Senator John McCain, political commentators, especially those that adhere to the intellectual process of approaching politics have attacked her consistently down-home language.

Her implication that Russia was “just right over the border” from Alaska, along with her invention of words such as “refudiate,” have become infamous household jokes. Palin’s word choice is easily her most identifying attribute, and this is almost never a good thing.

Some politicians have condemned Palin, hailing her unfit and under-qualified for political office. Most recently, blame for an Arizona incident that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot and critically injured has found its way into Palin’s hands.

According to the CBS News website (, critics cite a graph created by Palin in which cross hairs were used to indicate which politicians Palin would like to see unseated in upcoming elections as grounds to implicate her involvement in the tragedy.

This implication has occurred despite the fact that, according to CBS News, “There’s no evidence 22-year-old accused gunman Jared Loughner was spurred to violence by Palin, the Tea Party or any other particular group or individual.”

The circumstances of Palin’s family, her lack of public speaking skills and an unfortunate shooting that can in no way be logically linked to her are all irrelevant to Palin’s political capabilities.

If you’re going to disapprove of Palin, do it because she utterly lacks the experience to run for the office she intends to run for. Do it because she has no understanding of what these offices are responsible for. Do it because she continuously uses her brief stint in a presidential campaign two years ago to continue her fame, even going so far as to spur rumors of a possible talk show.

Disapprove of Sarah Palin because she admittedly contradicts herself by demonizing national health care while admitting to having crossed the Canadian border to take advantage of it.

When choosing which politicians to pledge your honor to, weed through the irrelevant press. Take every piece of information handed to you with a grain of salt; know when to listen and when to turn away.

When it comes to Palin, look through the Alaskan idioms and “Dancing with the Stars” scandal and delve into the deep, politically relevant reasons why she is not fit for this country’s government. TAS