In recent weeks, President Donald Trump’s press secretary, Sean Spicer, has barred media outlets of his choosing to not report on updates within the White House such as CNN, Los Angeles, BuzzFeed and other predominantly liberal news sources. This act, in my opinion, is truly sickening and the media will fight back.

The White House said this was not meant to disregard journalists from organizations that have been critical of the presidency, but ironically, many of the outlets that were invited were from conservative sources that have been “sympathetic” to Trump, such as Breitbart and FOX News.

It is unfair for the media to be disregarded like that. His actions make it seem he cannot take the criticism and questions asked by journalists who are reporting about the decisions he has made and want to inform the public.

Trump takes to social media and veers off in speeches to disrespect people who just want to help.

After a heated press conference in South Carolina, Trump criticized the media through what he loves most—Twitter; calling them “the enemy of the American People!”

Trump only seems to care about the outlets that praise him and that is not right. The media has the right to challenge the system and ask questions when things do not add up.

The First Amendment is not going anywhere, but thankfully, he will either be in office four or eight years before we have someone else in the office to report on. The media will continue to report, inform and help the American people no matter what our president says.


Despite recent claims by the general public, the media is not unnecessary, biased, negative or untrustworthy.

While it may be easy to make that claim from the outside, it is a whole different beast to journalists. Journalists are just like everyone else. They wake up, drink their coffee and go to work, just like you. Journalists do not wake up and say “what kind of fake news can I make up to make people mad today?”

The mass media is something we should be thankful for. It is a liaison between organizations and the public.

The media is the reason you know snow is coming soon, the way missing children are found states away and the way you found out who won the presidential election.

Yes, there are negative stories printed every day. It is not the media’s job to make up happy stories to keep the world spinning. It is the media’s job to inform the public what is going on in the world.

However, it is true. Some news sources are not as great as others. If your news comes from a website with “liberal” or “conservative” in the title, yes, there is bias. However, most of your mass media really are unbiased, or at least try to be. Journalists are not perfect, but they are not the devil.

The First Amendment is what keeps our country together. It allows us to be different from each other, and accept each other. It protects us from dictatorship.

Next time you feel a media organization has failed the public, write a letter to the editor. Every publication accepts them. Journalists are people, not a company trying to make millions.