For over a decade APSU students have received research and travel grants from the office of undergraduate research, OUR, to conduct projects in all areas of study.

“We support students that have research ideas and connect them with faculty mentors,” Erin Lynch-Alexander from OUR said.

The office provides students with up to $3,000 in grants, and offers travel grants for students to go to conferences. These funds are available to all undergraduate students, with no class requirement.

“The psychology department also has research built into their introductory courses, so students as early as sophomore year do research.” Lynch-Alexander said.

When students apply for a grant, the office connects them with faculty members that supervise and help with their projects.

There are several interesting projects this semester, according to Lynch-Alexander.

“Another is working on photojournalism,” Lynch-Alexander said. “He went to Haiti as a photo journalist for a nonprofit.”

Other projects include an examination of the language of “Oedipus”, a study of weather using a weather balloon, and a study of how socio-economic status affects the academic progress of students.

“One students was a curator for a photo exhibit for the university,” Lynch-Alexander said.

Anyone who is interested in extra research, whether it be for class credit or not, can easily apply.

“All they have to do is email OUR and we can get them connected with a faculty member on campus.” Lynch-Alexander said.