For fans of the original “Star Wars” series, the upcoming movie is going to make for a great sequel. “Star Wars” will thrive under Disney and J.J. Abrams.

Movie sequels and remakes tend to get fans riled up, especially those who are extremely dedicated. The continuation of a series can make or break it for diehard fans.

After the creation of the original “Star Wars” film in the 70’s, fans speedily jumped on the bandwagon. With millions of reviews on all six movies and TV spin-offs, the creation of “Star Wars: Episode VII- The Force Awakens” is bound to have wild critiques, especially now with Disney owning rights to the “Star Wars” title.

The question on everyone’s mind has to be; is Disney capable of producing a breathtaking sequel that will live up to the original cult classic?

The upcoming movie is going to make a great sequel for fans of the original three “Star Wars” movies. With all the new technology in graphics and cinematography, the seventh movie is sure to have new and improved gadgets.

The new movie will have many of the old classic models that were used in the original movies, such as the Millennium Falcon, new and improved light sabers and all the original costuming.

Fans are sure to be pleased with this mix of old and new.

Fans are more than likely jumping up and down to see the way director Abrams transforms George Lucas’s masterpieces. . This is his area of expertise. He is an amazing director and producer of all things science fiction.

“I’m really curious to see how this works out,” said junior communication major Van Vogt. “‘’Star Wars’ has always been produced and shot by Lucas Studios, and now that Disney has all the rights to the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, I’m excited to see the direction they’re going to take. With movies like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘The Avengers,’ I’m sure they’ll do it justice.”

If the new graphics and special effects aren’t enough to make fans fall in love all over again, the cast definitely will.

“Star Wars Episode VII” will feature some of its original cast, with Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher returning for their original roles.

The importance of a sequel often has a lot to do with casting; the more true it stays to the original cast, the better the quality.

One of the biggest complaints fans have about the “Star Wars” prequel series is that the casting wasn’t up to par.

The addition of new characters led the prequels to be a little confusing. The character development really aided the original movies.

“I love the idea behind the prequel, because it showed how evil came to be, but it’s not as good as the original three constructed by Lucas; I feel like he got a little lost,” said Communications Professor Jason Phillips. “A fresh perspective would be good for the series, even if I’m a little disappointed in the age gap between the original cast [from] then to now.”

Can the slate be wiped clean? Here’s hoping Abrams can up the “Star Wars” game.

Many “Star Wars” fans seem to be elated that a sequel is in the making.

With original cast, characters, and a continuation of what happens after the explosion of the Death Star, “Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens” is bound to be the biggest box office event of the year. Hitting theaters in mid December fans are going to flood to watch and re-watch their favorite childhood classic.

Despite the new director and production company “Star Wars” will thrive under Disney and Abrams.