APSU’s SGA Senate proposed four new resolutions, numbers three through six, for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011. Resolution three, proposed by Senator Price at the Wednesday, Dec. 1 SGA senate meeting, called to “enact access to the Foy during the summer months for a student who is fully enrolled in the spring semester and is confirmed to take classes in the following fall semester,” according to the written proposal.

At the Wednesday, Dec. 8, SGA meeting, the resolution was tabled to Wednesday, Jan. 19 to be presented by Senator Kelly Maddox.

At the Wednesday, Jan. 19, SGA senate meeting, “the resolution was rescinded,” Maddox said. “It is completely off the table which means we are not going to implement it.”

The remaining resolutions were proposed by Senator Kelvin Rutledge. Resolutions 4 and 6 were proposed at the Wednesday, Dec. 1, SGA meeting and Resolution 5 was proposed at the Wednesday, Nov. 17, SGA senate meeting.

Resolution 4, according to the written proposal, called “to change the start time of the SGA senate meetings … to make sure [students’] … thoughts and needs are heard and addressed” because as the first 10 minutes allotted to student concerns were in conflict with class schedules.

At the Dec. 8 SGA meeting, the resolution passed with a vote of 20 to 2 and SGA meetings officially start 4 p.m. Standing rules will be changed to read “Regularly scheduled senate meetings will be at 4 p.m. and end no later than 5 p.m.”

Resolution 5, according to the written proposal, called to “[encourage] APSU’s main campus to explore the possibility of repaving the Ford Street lot and add additional signs to face toward main campus.”

“The purpose of adding additional signing to face towards main campus would provide clarity for all students, faculty and staff of APSU.

“The lot is currently signed only on Ford Street, a street that is not one of the roads connected in the general perimeter of campus,” Rutledge said.

A motion passed to designate this lot, located on the far side of the Hemlock Semiconductor Building, a faculty parking lot. This motion passed 22 to zero. The resolution passed at the Dec. 8 SGA senate meeting. 21 agreed and one obstained.

The next course of action in the matter is to issue formal recommendations to Lantz Biles, director of Public Safety, and Mitch Robinson, vice president of Finance and Administration, to explore the possibility of adding signs to designate the Ford Street lot and the feasibility of paving the lot, respectively. The ideal time to pave the parking lot is Summer 2011, as recommended by the SGA.

Resolution 6, according to the written proposal, calls “to form a Graduate Standing Committee.” The goal of the committee is to “evaluate the institution in regards to its graduation rate in addition to the methodologies that each specific college of APSU is taking to ensure the students are graduating in no more than six years.

The committee would be comprised of 19 members two faculty members from each department, two staff from the Office of the Registrar, and four full-time students, including one senior class representative from SGA.

As a committee, they would, according to the written proposal, “meet three times a semester to communicate how the graduation process is being communicated in each specific college at both main and Fort Campbell campuses and develop new strategies/methods to incorporate graduation as a continuous item at APSU.

“[They would also] examine and evaluate the ‘Grad Finale’ and commencement communication, setup and implementation, establish objectives and goals that the committee will see fit that would like to be obtained over the academic year and hold meetings that are located on main campus and available for students to view.

“Resolution 6 was tabled indefinitely [at the Dec. 8 SGA senate meeting] due to more follow up and research needed to be done,” Rutledge said. “It was unsure what graduation processes are being pushed forth by the university so it was unclear if this resolution was needed or not.” TAS