New to the nation and new to the APSU campus, Chick-fil-A order-taking kiosks were officially debuted to students on Monday, Jan. 14. The kiosks are located in the Morgan University Center food court. Lauren Fladger, Senior Leader of Chick-fil-A’s Service and Hospitality team, said “[Austin Peay] is the first college campus that Chick-fil-A has been really involved with the implementation of kiosks.”

Construction for these kiosks began in December and was completed just in time for the Spring semester. There are a total of three kiosks and customers can easily navigate the touch screens when fulfilling their orders.

The kiosks will automatically change menus depending on the time; properly formatting to breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Upon completion, students or guests will be shown an order confirmation on the kiosk screen and receive a printed receipt. After that, customers can get into line to receive their order from Chick-fil-A’s counter. 

Morgan University Center may be boasting some new technology, but the way to pay will remain the same for students.


“We will importantly continue to pay at the common register so that is seamless in the process [APSU] has now,” Fladger said. 

The paper receipt provided by the kiosks has a bar code that can be scanned by food court cashiers.

Sweet additions include an expanded menu that has milkshakes with flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry as well as frozen lemonade.

They also boast a speedier check out service, hoping that these new additions will decrease the time spent in line and help ensure the freshness of Chick-fil-A’s food.

There are three kiosks in total which stand in the center of the food court in front of the Chick-fil-A.

Chick-fil-A is a campus favorite and now Austin Peay students can expect a faster checkout and overall better dining experience with the newly implemented kiosks.