This week I have what’s new and worth watching on Netflix. All of these programs hit Netflix this month and have had some great buzz.


“Anna Karenina” – This is the third great film from director Joe Wright staring Keira Knightley. This is an epic love story that shows what it really takes to find happiness in every aspect of your life. It is an amazing period piece that captivates the audience. Knightley’s performance has the ability to keep you locked on her character even if you start to lose interest in the film.


“W/ Bob and David” – This is a sketch show staring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk. You might remember Bob Odenkirk as Sal Goodman from Breaking Bad. David Cross as been doing small roles since the earlier 90’s, but my favorite performance of his is in Arrested Development as the “never-nude.” The show is a rebirth of a cult classic that the two of them did in the mid 90’s on HBO called Mr. Show. It has a lot of great actors who make appearances and some of the funniest sketches I have seen.


“Jessica Jones” – It’s another dark take on the Marvel universe. It shows us how trying to live by a code because you have a power and you feel that it is your responsibility can have terrible consciences. Looking back on her time as a super hero, she sees that she has developed PTSD and tries to cope with it by hanging up the cape and opening a detective agency.


“Best of Enemies” – In 1968, ABC hired two public intellectual figures to debate one another, and Gore Vidal and Dick Cavett’s egos clashed on live TV. It’s an amazing documentary about something that was easily forgotten, but was the birth of political TV specialist. When it gets to the actual debate, it’s like watching a car crash. It’s violent and fast paced, but you can’t look away.


Well that’s it for this week Netflixers, until next time.