» By SHAY GORDON – cgordon@my.apsu.edu

With cyber space becoming a more popular method of interaction, young people look to online profile sites to socialize. Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are flooded with millions of college student users who connect, contact, and communicate with one another daily. Keeping up with the online revolution, on Aug. 17, APSU was added to the new online dating site DateMySchool.

DateMySchool offers specific options to college students compared to other dating sites like E-Harmony, Match.com and Chemistry by allowing members to connect with students in the same school system or universities in the same general area.

The goal of DateMySchool founders Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa was to simplify online dating for college students by offering a shortcut to their peers with similar focus and goals. DateMySchool differs from other traditional dating sites only allowing college students with an approved, active university email address to have access to the website.

Meyer and Alexa, both Columbia University MBA students, were inspired to create the site when a female classmate complained about the lack of men in her department of study and managing the time to meet them, proving even Columbia University students have trouble finding compatible partners. In an interview with The New York Times, Meyer said, “People in the 21st century are alone. We have so many new ways of communicating, yet we are so alone.”

Despite the popularity of the multitudes of dating sites, the lack of physical human interaction becomes an issue, especially within the college-dating scene.

Middle college student Emily Cooper said, “I probably wouldn’t use [DateMySchool]. How do you really get to know someone on something like that? I’m more about getting to know someone on a personal level first.”

Fellow middle college student, Rachel Davis said, “I’d rather go out and meet people in person and get to know them. I wouldn’t really want to mess with online dating.”

Though online dating comes with as many risks of a typical blind date. Websites like DateMySchool offer a smaller pool of potential dates. Ultimately, social sites are tools for people in similar areas to find similar interests. TAS