On February 24, 2021, Netflix released a new show titled Ginny & Georgia. It had 52 million views within 28 days of the first season being released and less than 24 hours before the second season’s release, the show made it to the top five shows on Netflix.

The show follows Georgia, her daughter Ginny, and her son Austin as they decide to settle down in a small New England town. While Georgia tries her best to show her kids a fresh start, Ginny knows that there is more to her mothers story. 

In season one we see Ginny make new friends Maxine, Abby, Norah, and her boyfriend Hunter, as she starts her new high school. Our main character develops a new life and enjoys her newfound friends; until the secrets start pouring out. 

Since the first episode, viewers can see that Marcus (Maxine’s twin brother) and Ginny share a connection. While they try their best to hide and even stop that connection, nothing works. Ginny struggles to decide if she should tell her friends of what could possibly tear the group apart or keep it to herself.

But the drama only adds up as we also follow Georgia, Ginny’s mom. We learn about her background, love interests, and even her own secrets. 

While Ginny starts to find out more about Georgia’s past, this adds to the pressure of what to do with her friends and how she views her mom. In the last episode an explosive secret is revealed that will keep viewers hooked.

Ginny feels alone and is worried about what to do about her ex-friend group and her mom. She even gets talked to by an FBI agent that is trying to find out more about her mother and what she is truly capable of. 

At the end of season one, Ginny and Austin leave town as viewers are left with a big cliffhanger and so many questions. 

In April 2021, Netflix announced that there would be a second season. On January 5, 2023, the second season was released. 

While following the beloved characters and being introduced to new faces, the new season is exciting to watch.

Ginny goes through love, heartbreak, loss, and more as we watch the difference between the many relationships she had in the first season. 

The second season as a whole included darker, more emotional themes, as well as lots of character development. As a viewer, it was incredible to follow all the characters throughout the new season.

Overall, the show is amazing. I would compare it to a modern-day Gilmore Girls with a hint of a murder mystery. For anyone who wants to see a show that follows a mother-and-daughter connection while also adding a dark turn, Ginny & Georgia is the perfect show to watch.