Netflix has definitely not let us down so far with their original content. Both Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright won Golden Globes for their amazing performances in “House of Cards.” “Orange is the New Black” did not pull in any Golden Globes but won a bunch at the Primetime Emmy Awards. I would have never believed a service like Netflix would be able to put out such good programming. I am pleased to see their success and am looking forward to what is next. I feel we are at the beginning of a new age of television.

Netflix has a lot of original content that has been flying under the radar, especially when compared to shows like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.” Here are some you might not have seen but that come with my approval.

Marco Polo” takes place in the 13th century and follows famous merchant Marco Polo. It tracks Polo during his younger days working for Kublai Khan. I can see how this might have a smaller target audience then other shows, but if you’re into period dramas and martial arts, this one is for you. I don’t see it ever winning a Golden Globe, but the presentation is beautiful and the action sequences are good.


 Peaky Blinders” started off as a British TV series in 2013, then Netflix got the rights to call it an original series at the beginning of the second season. Fans of “Boardwalk Empire” will recognize the same look and feel of the set. It is set in the city of Birmingham in the 1920s. The city is overrun with crime, and the only order is within the gangs. Imagine a British version of “Gangs of New York,” and you will have a very accurate depiction. That being said, it is an amazing show and would be one to finally give HBO a fight in the original content war.


Derek” is a comedic drama with a documentary feel. Derek works at a retirement home and loves everything in his life, even his job. He loves reality TV and following the latest drama with celebrities. The funniest part of the show for me is his social awkwardness. Its smart and dark hummer blends perfectly together to bring us another great comedy from Ricky Gervais. I have always enjoyed Gervais’s dry humor, but with “Derek,” he was able to make an amazing show that’s not his typical style. If you haven’t  liked Gervais in the past, give him a second chance with “Derek.”


Southcliffe” is the story of a journalist returning to his childhood home to follow and help cover up a series of shootings. The miniseries takes place over one day following the aftermath of the shootings. You see the town’s reaction to the tragedy: Some are emotionally broken, while others seek revenge. If you like crime dramas like “The Wire” or “True Detective,” you should enjoy this. It’s not perfect; the storyline struggles at some points. However, it grabs you right away and makes you finish the series. It’s definitely worth a chance.