This week, I put together my top five Netflix movies that are streaming right now and that you probably haven’t seen. Since these are some of my favorite films of all time, I apologize if my review turns into me just begging you to give them a chance. (Beware of subtitles.)

Starting off as my number five pick is “Flame & Citron.” “Flame & Citron” is a Danish film from 2008 that depicts the true story of the Danish resistance movement in World War II. The film follows two assassins who target Nazi officers. Flame gets a thrill out of each kill and starts to become reckless in his work. Citron, on the other hand, is not just a ruthless killer; he starts to feel regret for what the pair has become, soon showing mercy to a victim. This movie stars Mads Mikkelsen, who you my have seen in his recent start in American film in the mid-2000s. He was the Bond villain in “Casino Royal” and currently stars as Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the television series “Hannibal.”


My number four pick is a great followup to Flame & Citron: “In Bruges” is a funnier spin on a story of two hit men. This is the film debut of playwright Martin McDonagh, who pulled off a great movie that leaves you wanting more from the characters. Because of his theater background, some of the best parts of this film feature the amazing dialogue between characters. It follows two assassins to Belgium after they screwed up their previous job. The plot takes no time to move forward; you will be sucked in within minutes. It can be a hit or miss for some, but if you like dark humor, “In Bruges” is one not to miss. Colin Farrell won a Golden Globe for his performance, and McDonagh won Best Original Screenplay at the British Academy Film and Television Awards.


“I Saw the Devil” falls in at my number third slot, and believe me, these last three were hard to order. This film is one of my favorites on or off Netflix. “I Saw the Devil” is a Korean film from 2010 directed by the visionary Kin ji-woon. This is a classic revenge movie with a new twist of a psychological horror film where you are rooting for the one you should be running from. The story follows a cop whose fiancé is murdered by a deranged killer. Many movie critics call this film a dangerous game of cat and mouse in which the line of good and evil is fading away. I will warn that if you can’t handle violence or you get squeamish, this is not the film for you. But if you can handle it — or especially if you like it — this is a must-see.


The runner-up is “Snatch,” starring Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt. “Snatch” is a witty and fast-paced film that delivers a great story along with its entertainment. Writer-director Guy Ritchie gives a great and realistic look into the criminal world. This film has a kind of Quentin Tarantino feel that fans will recognize. I don’t like to talk about this film’s storyline, but if you continue to read my blog, you might see more. All I have to say is: Just watch it.


“The Good, the Bad, the Weird” takes the number one slot. This Kim Jee-woon film is the reason I wanted to see “I Saw the Devil.” The crazy tale of two outlaws and one bounty hunter takes you on a silly and amazingly entertaining journey. The film starts with a train that has all three members on it and quickly moves into a chase between the three of them, taking you from the train to slums to deserts. The film has a great twist at the end, and as many times as I’ve watch it, I’m still always glued to the screen to figure out what’s going to happen. No matter how many times you’ve heard a blockbuster promise to deliver the thrill ride of the summer, you won’t find a faster and more exciting ride than this.