On Thursday Oct. 22, the campus community gathered in the UC plaza for the homecoming mystery event.

Four rows of chairs sat empty while the crowd waited in anticipation. At 12:30 p.m., coordinator Victor Felts called two representatives from each participating organization to sit in a chair. He then directed a participant to stand up and move his chair to the side, the rest of the participants were to arrange their seats into a circle for a game of musical chairs.

This classic game was far from peaceful since the students were not taking this game lightly. Classes were still in session despite the homecoming fun so some of the crowd skipped the first couple minutes of class to see a few rounds, while others passed with curious glances. The occasional onlooker would pull out their phone for a quick picture before returning on their way. The participants had many supporters nonetheless.

The amusement lasted close to an hour, the end of each round being just as intense as the ones before.

“This is the most fun I’ve had watching a game of musical chairs,” said student Kapy Hawkins.

The participants got more aggressive as the number of competitors and chairs declined. Two participants were cast out at the same time for getting too physical in an altercation that involved a chair being thrown.

“I am a very competitive person and I took it very seriously, even though it is a simple game,” said participant Della Bowen. “I was very nervous but I’m glad I got to represent Chi Omega.”

The final round raised the most anticipation, the last two participants were from Pike Kappa Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

The two boys stealthy circled the last chair while the music went on in the background. The last round was also the longest round, and when the music finally stopped, Brock Dilday was the first to the chair giving Pike Kappa Alpha the victory.

“This was a fun event, it was not what I expected to happen but we won, and hopefully we can win homecoming,” Dilday said.