After a week off, the Monday Blog is back.

To make up for the time off, I’m focusing on three different topics this week. I can’t write this without talking about “The Decision 2.0” as LeBron James returns to Cleveland, and of course the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina.

But first, there’s news in the Austin Peay football department that should be addressed.

Clack suspended for 2014, Spivey to transfer

If losing the leading rusher from last season due to academic reasons, Omar Williams, wasn’t enough, the top two returning players in both receiving yards and passing yards are now out for 2014.

Senior receiver Darryl Clack has been suspended for the year for violating team team rules, while quarterback Andrew Spivey transfer from the program in his final season.

The news on Spivey isn’t surprising, considering the senior had lost his starting job to newcomer Trey Taylor in the spring. Clack’s 6-foot-6 stature will be missed on the outside for Taylor to target, but if he can turn things around, head coach Kirby Cannon said in a statement that Clack could return to the team in January.

The way I look at things, 2014 will be similar to last season. No, I’m not saying another zero win season, but in the way the depth chart develops. It’s going to be another season full of opportunities. Think back to last year. Once Spivey was injured, Timarious Mitchell came on at quarterback and had some bright spots, even though he wasn’t a fully developed passer. At the skill positions, Williams gave the offense a huge boost, and Rashaan Coleman played very well late in the season.

In 2014, Taylor has potential to give the Govs consistency at quarterback barring any setbacks, while other positions are wide open for guys to step in. Julian Franklin appears to be the top choice at running back to open up the season, and with Clack out, someone has to step in alongside Coleman and Javier Booker.

There may not be a ton of experience on the offensive side of the ball, but if 2013 is indicative of what’s to come, at least one player will break out.

Also, the team announced two new additions to the roster. Local product of West Creek, Jule Pace will be inserted into the defensive end depth charts, while quarterback Darrien Boone has transferred from Central Michigan.

Tell the world LeBron is coming home

“I’m coming home
I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they’ve forgiven my mistakes
I’m coming home, I’m coming home
Tell the world I’m coming”

Do these lyrics not describe LeBron James perfectly?

After turning heel and leaving the city where he was born and raised, King James is back in Cleveland. But you already knew that, so let’s discuss his decision to leave Miami.

Other than the fact he’s the leaving the South Beach scene, it’s a great move for the greatest player of our generation. I wrote after the Spurs won the title that I didn’t think LeBron would return to the Heat. I may not have stated Cleveland would be his next destination, but I always kept in the back of my mind before the rumors started coming out.

I think it’s great that he’s turning to the Cavs to try and bring the city of Cleveland a championship. In terms of who’s around him, he’s in a better place now. Chris Bosh is certainly a top-notch power forward in the NBA, but Dwyane Wade just isn’t same players as he used to be. Like I’ve said before, Miami had a bunch of overrated veterans around LeBron, but he now has young, talented players to help build with.

From pictures of moving trucks arriving at his home, to tech experts saying how the color layout numbers for his website were soon to be red and gold, “LeBron Watch” was intense. To track every free agent move in the NBA, check out this post which I have constantly been updating.

Germany wins World Cup over Argentina

It may not have been flashy, but you can’t deny the entertainment value of this year’s World Cup Final if you appreciate soccer.

Germany vs. Argentina was…brutal.

If you watched it, you know what I’m talking about. I lost count on how many times Germany’s Bastain Schweinsteiger was on the turf or colliding with someone in midair.

Coming in, the match-up was one to be excited about. A powerhouse German team loaded with Bayern Munich’s best against the world’s top player, Lionel Messi. It was kind of like the 2014 NBA Finals. Germany was similar to the Spurs. They were the best team throughout the tournament, and work together with no stand out players. Then there’s the team with one superior player, so Messi was like Argentina’s LeBron James.

And just like on the hardwood, the better overall team came out on top.

Germany’s Mario Gotze found the back of the net in the 113th minute, saving me the trouble of writing this blog about how much I dislike matches being decided by penalty kicks. It would have been more exciting to the average person, but I’m happy to see Germany win when it’s 11-on-11 instead of one-on-one.

The talk of Messi’s legacy will be discussed by the media all day, but it doesn’t damper his status as the game’s number one player. He’ll have another chance to capture World Cup gold in four years.

It’s going to be a long four years of waiting…Thank you 2014 World Cup for an outstanding slate of matches. It was a blast to watch.

Photo: Andrew Spivey (The All State)