It is the beginning of the semester and you are going strong, you are taking 18 hours and killing these assignments. Fast forward a couple of months and it is midterm season and the world is falling apart around you. There are due dates everywhere and your stress level is taller then you are.

When you jump into the college lifestyle, it is important to remember two things. The first thing to remember is that you must be willing to give yourself some wiggle room because you are not perfect, and you cannot expect to be amazing at everything or every class. Sometimes you will fail or struggle but that is okay. The second thing is to make a study plan because trust me the plan will save your personal life as well as your academic life.

The best time to make a study plan is at the start of the semester. You should invest your time into planning. When you finally sit down, you will need a few things: a pen, paper, colored markers, your class schedule and a steaming cup of coffee.

Once all your supplies are set out, you will need to take the time to write out a to- do list at a weekly glance. This is going to combine all your classes onto one sheet of paper, so you see everything at once. Another tip, your study plan is to cross things off. I know that this might sound childish, but it is nice to look cross things off a list. It allows you to feel accomplished and that feeling is going to allow you to remain motivated.

Now that you have your plan it is time to start working it!

Another tip to follow during your long study sessions is to set up a timer. This is going to allow you to take breaks so that you stay motivated. If you spend hours at a time working on one subject, you going to burn yourself out. Set timers in your phone that range between 30 minutes to an hour. Allow yourself 15 minutes to 30 minutes for me time: watch a Netflix episode, YouTube video, read a couple chapters of your favorite book or drink a cup of coffee.

Once you finally gain enough motivation to study, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that you need to get comfortable. This could mean 100 different things to 100 different people so make sure you are comfortable in your own way. This could mean an oversized sweater and leggings, or skinny jeans and a nice shirt.

The final thing to keep in mind is location.Studying in your room could lead to many distractions and stop a productive flow. I personally study and do homework at my kitchen table. I know that if I lay in my bed I will end up watching a Netflix show and will not get any work done at all.

No one’s study plan will look the same. Do not try and compare yours to someone else’s. Throughout your adult life, remember to give yourself some wiggle room because in life there is going to be up and downs and trust me, that is okay. Life is not perfect, so you should just allow yourself time to relax.