In last week’s issue of The All State, there were several errors printed regarding the elections that took place locally. We apologize for this and offer the following corrected information.

Mark Green, Republican from District 22, defeated incumbent Tim Barnes for the State Senate. In District 67, the district in which APSU is situated, Democrat Joe Pitts ran unopposed for the House of Representatives.

Republican Curtis Johnson also ran unopposed for District 68, the district which encompasses most of Clarksville.

Republican Marsha Blackburn was re-elected to Congress from District 7. She defeated Credo Amouzouvik, D, William Akin, I, Jack Arnold, I and Lenny Ladner, I. Incumbent Bob Corker was re-elected to the Senate.

The city ward members elected were: Nick Steward, Deanna McLaughlin, James Lewis, Wallace Redd, Valerie Guzman, Marc Harris, Geno Grubbs, David Allen, Joel Wallace, Bill Summers, Kaye Jones and Jeff Burkhart.

Kim McMillan is halfway through her first term as mayor. Bill Haslam is halfway through his first term as governor.