Plumb Line Coffee is not your average café where you order your coffee in a rush; it is an experience worthwhile.

Just one block from APSU, the coffee shop is a hit for students, professors and coffee consumers.

When I entered the coffee shop at 124 University Ave., the owners, Bill and Jennifer Parker, immediately welcomed me. They did not hesitate to explain everything on the menu before I placed my order.

The menu consists of 12 drinks, ranging from pourover coffee to a whiskey caramel latte. After hearing how each drink is made, I decided to go for the con panna: two ounces of espresso and whipped cream.

Each drink takes a couple of minutes to make because the machines are not automatic and have to be altered depending on the desired taste.

The con panna was served in a small espresso cup with a spoon. Jennifer told me how to mix the whipped cream in to get the most flavor out of the espresso.

The rich, indulgent espresso presented hints of berries and chocolate. Honestly, I preferred the espresso alone more than with the chunks of cream.

Although the café does not serve tea, there are a couple of drinks that are not espresso-based. For those who prefer a non-caffeinated drink, I recommend either the spice chai latte or the Askinoski hot chocolate.

One thing to know before going, however, is the café provides three house-made syrups for a hint of sweetness but does not offer cream or sugar.

“Too many people are used to adding in cream and sugar to cover up the burnt coffee taste, but our coffee is flavorful by itself,” Jennifer said. “We want our customers to experience the flavor in the coffee and educate people on what coffee can be.”

The industrial urban atmosphere brings a hint of the big city feel, yet the warm interior colors make you feel right at home.

There are plenty of tables for meetings, social outings or studying. In the back of the coffee shop, there is a stage with comfy chairs and low lighting, which the owners intend to use for live performances in the future.

The pricing is more expensive than your average coffee chain. However, expect to pay more for the quality taste, city vibes and local service.

Plumb Line Coffee is open from 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday.