> Terra Neblett
I have many issues with this poorly published opinion piece. The author quoted this to be in Depression era, but the math doesn’t add up for his claim, not only is it quoted in the play “I haven’t planted corn in that field since 1935” and “I haven’t planted corn in that field for decades.” But, Shelly’s hair and costume (an all natural afro and a bright popular dress for the 1970’s) is at the very least indicative of not Depression. I’m uncomfortable with someone reviewing plays who is not aware of how to watch, listen, or pay attention to a play. No where in this show does it allude to “Depression-era”. This read very much like a review of a script and not of the production.
He also used the phrase “totally unaware” which does not come across as very professional, as well as discombobulated which is a “humorous verb in North America”.
The theatre is a welcoming art and it encourages any and everyone to join, but please send a theatre educated reporter for the next review. Your next opportunity  is our Spring Dance Concert, or our musical review ‘And The World Goes Round’.
Thank you for your time.
Terra Neblett