Most of you have figured it out by now, but in case you’re just oblivious: College is different. Everything about it is completely opposite to the real world. Ramen and Reese’s cups count as a four-star meal, getting to bed by 2 a.m. is early, and leggings can be anything from running attire to business casual if you try hard enough. Vacation is no exception.

Fall, winter, spring and summer breaks are the things we constantly look forward to. No professors, no 8 a.m. classes and no waiting in line at GrillNation in the Food Court for 15 minutes. Heaven on earth, right? Not always.

Throughout my vacations as a college undergrad, I have: failed a test, slept on a balcony, shared one bathroom with six other people, worked for 10 hours a day and kissed a guy whose last name I don’t remember. Don’t hold that last one against me, because New Year’s Eve is hard.


My advice?

Spend the right amount of money.

A room on the beach for seven days for only $ 100 dollars is an absolute dream until you realize you’re sharing that one-bedroom/one-bathroom condo with six other people who are all coupled up. On the other hand, spending $2,000 on a trip to Spain is inconceivable on a college budget. Find a middle ground. I recommend the mountains. #FramSpringBreak2K14


Don’t go to Panama City Beach.

Aka “The Sin Pit.” A friend of a friend watched someone get shot last year. You go down there with great intentions and come back with no dignity, a broken flip-flop and a tattoo of a butterfly on your butt.


Don’t take it too seriously.

During breaks, you are meant to go home, let your parents cook you good food, catch up on all the homework you’ve been actively putting off and sleep. There is no written rule saying you must have the time of your life while on break.


This fall break, I traveled back to Dyer County for a long weekend full of my own bed, homework and my Pop’s beef stew. Cancelled camping trips aren’t so bad after all. Trust me.


Hugs, kisses and all my best wishes.