The business of giving advice is tricky. The adviser must have had enough trials and tribulations to be jaded, but also enough victories to be hopeful. Let’s say I’m a pro.

Let’s just say … you’re overwhelmed.

I have two tests due by Sunday, an arm and a leg due to my psychology professor by Monday, at some point I have to get myself a job and I just got twin sorority little sisters on Wednesday. I’m freakin’ out.

On top of all that, it’s almost midterms, and I’m out of plus dollars, which means no Starbucks. It makes me want to yell.


I’ve found myself sobbing in the fetal position twice already this week, and I can only assume you lovely people are just as stressed as I am.

Here are some tips to help you along the trail of trials and tribulations:


Make a list.

When it seems like you are buried under a Mt. Everest of assignments and errands, make a to-do list: things you need to accomplish today, tomorrow and eventually. Seeing your goals and getting to check things off your list is quite satisfying.


Take a drive.

Shut down your computer and close your planner. Go outside, get into your car, turn on your favorite song and just drive. Sometimes, you need to step away from the big picture and breathe for a second, or you’ll drive yourself crazy.



You are not Super Woman/Super Man. No matter how good you look in tights and a leotard, you’ll never be able to take on the world alone. Recruit some friends to help you lighten the load. Make it rain tasks.



Take these tips and take a breath. I know it may seem like you’ll never see the light of Christmas at this point, but we’ll all make it. Nothing a blog and a shot of espresso can’t fix. Maybe I should start taking my own advice.

Hug, kisses, and all my best wishes.