Perks of having a late birthday: You’re the last of your friends to get wrinkles.

Downside of having a late birthday: You’re the last one of your friends to turn 21.

I’ve known this was coming my whole life. I’ve always been the baby in my friend group, and i’ve always been able to take advantage of it. Until now. When I was a kid, I could say, “But Mom, everyone else gets to stay out until 10:30.” So I would get to stay out until 10:30.

That doesn’t work at the bar. “But bartender, everyone else gets to take a shot,” really doesn’t have the same ring to it.

So what do you do when everyone is drinking down the perks of getting older except you?


Be the DD.

Your friends shouldn’t have to worry about anything on their special day, most of all how they’re going to get home. Keep them safe, and they’ll owe you when it’s your turn.

Trial and error.

Take a sip of everything they order. Then, by the time your birthday rolls around, you’ll know exactly what you like and you don’t have maneuver your way through a menu of confusing drink names.

Start planning your own shindig. 

My 21st birthday will be the 21st birthday to end all 21st birthdays. Everyone will be of age. I’ll know exactly the places where I want to eat and the places where I want to party. They might even make a movie out of it.


Something to NOT do while all your friends are turning 21: Pre-game their birthday parties. You’ll be red-faced in the pictures and end up with tortilla chips in your bathroom floor and “How to make yourself throw up” in the search history on your phone.

My time will come young grasshoppers, and so will yours.

Hugs, kisses and all my best wishes.