“Le Passé” (The Past) is an Iranian film that was recently showcased as part of the 2015 Francophone Film Festival at APSU.

Christophe Konkobo, a French professor along with his colleage Karen Sorenson, brought the festival to APSU.

The hope for the festival is to “internationalize or globalize the campus,” according to Sorenson.

The 2015 Francophone Festival is a combined six French-language films from all over the world, including Iran, Israel, Palestine, Chad, Cambodia and France.

A number of people attended the viewing of the film.

“[The festival] gives our students and the city of Clarksville an opportunity to watch and discuss Award winning films made by directors from various geographical and cultural backgrounds whose different visions of the world are bound together by the French language,” Konkobo said.

Colter Angel, a senior foreign language major, is the student director of the festival. Angel manages the day-to-day operations, such as advertising.

Angel grew up in Italy to Spanish-speaking parents and became interested in French because he done a lot of traveling for sports.

“I think the film is great,” Angel said. “Anytime a foreign film gets positive attention from different areas, it is a step in the right direction.”

The Festival will be showcasing different films from Wednesday, Feb. 25, through Wednesday, March 25, in the Clement auditorium and MUC Room 307, all starting at 5 p.m.