SGA has faced some criticism for lack of legislation this semester. During these final weeks of the year, new legislation is coming forward from SGA’s senators.

The meeting on April 4 began with an announcement of a previous internal affairs meeting. That meeting clarified two campaign rules for those running for SGA positions. No active campaigning is allowed within 50 feet of a polling station. Posters and chalk do not count as active campaigning according to SGA rules.

Next, there was a discussion and voting period on Resolution 13, which would propose to amend the student code of conduct to allow students to carry pepper spray or mace on campus. After a brief period of edits to the bill, the resolution passed unanimously.

Senator Duane Kessler proposed Resolution 14, a “resolution to send a letter to the Office of Information Technology requesting that they add a parking map to the APSU mobile application.”

The bill is intended to help students know where they are allowed to park by using the interactive map on the APSU application.

Current senators had until Tuesday, April 10 to send in legislation. Senators who did not reach the legislation requirement will not be eligible to be in SGA next year.