Christmas is just three days away. Yes, you read that correctly, three days. If you’re now panicking because you have not started your holiday shopping, or still have a few people to shop for, here are some last-minute holiday gift ideas.

2023 Planner and Color Pens: The one item that helps me get through a semester is my planner. It helps me manage my time and keeps me on track with assignments. While most people prefer to use their phone calendar, something about writing down what I have going on helps me feel more organized and I remember things better when I write them down. My favorite part about having a planner is having a pack of colored pens. I can use bright and bold colors for things that need to stick out to me and neutral colors for just everyday happenings. 

Comfy and Cozy: Three items that you can never go wrong with as gifts are pajamas, fuzzy socks, and fuzzy blankets. Currently, Dick’s Sporting Goods has Northeast fuzzy blankets for $35. However, they are buy one get two free. That same deal also goes for their Northeast Cabin Socks which are $14. 

Food for Thought: Clarksville has many great dining choices and a lot of new places have opened in town. If you have friends who have been eager to try the new options in town or are major foodies, gift cards to dinner make excellent gifts. Blackhorse is the most popular choice when it comes to dining in Clarksville. For the broke college student in your life, Door Dash and Grub hub gift cards are excellent choices. 

Treat Yo’self: Self-pampering kits are great for the person who is always on the go. Fill a cute basket with face masks, lip balms, lotions, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs. Self-care is important and a little pampering after a long day or week is just what the doctor ordered. 

Gamer Gear:  One way to zone out on a long day is to zone in on a game. For the gamer in your life, gift cards to platforms such as Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation allow your gamer to purchase a game, a subscription to the platform, or in-game accessory purchases. Making a basket with your gamers’ favorite snacks and drinks is also the way to go when purchasing a last-minute gift for a gamer. Energy drinks, chips, candy, and any other quick grabs are the perfect items to put in the basket.