» By TIFFANY COMER – tcomer@my.apsu.edu

One could say the life of William Ladd is a life full of luck. Ladd’s luck began when he was only 4 days old, and was adopted into a family that provided a big sister to help lead him in life. Ladd started dancing under the inspiration of his sister when he was 5 years old, and that inspiration landed him a scholarship to APSU and many professional dance roles.

In June 2010, Ladd said he confidentially walked into an audition for a dance role in the remake of “Footloose.” A few months later, he received a call and learned he had attained the role. “Surreal,” is the only word that came to mind when Ladd found out he had landed the role.

Ladd said he was then faced with the task of finding an agent, but this task was quickly achieved when he signed with Jason Lopez of DDO Artists Agency of Nashville. Backed by his new agent, Ladd was able to start his adventure on the “Footloose” set in October 2010. On set, Ladd, along with 40 other dancers, immediately got to work on the performance that would appear in the “cowboys” scene of the movie.

“Set lasted six long, hot days, but it was all worth it because it provided an experience I will never forget,” Ladd said.

From the set Ladd said he was able to take away with him a newfound confidence in himself, experience with successful dancers such as Jemalle Sams and Don Draco and the knowledge first impressions mean everything. “The whole experience was amazing; everyone on set was very professional and down to earth,” Ladd said.

The film premiered in theaters a year later in October 2011. Ladd went to the premiere with his best friends and his parents. When he saw himself on the screen all he could do was smile, while his friends and mom were freaking out. “I couldn’t believe it was all real until I saw my face on the screen,” he said.

Ladd said he hopes to further his career in dancing and looks forward to experiencing new roles. You can see him dancing again soon in the upcoming film “The Three Stooges.” TAS