In response to an article in the latest issue of The All State, I have some deep concerns I hope somebody can address.

When I read the title implying Chick-Fil-A is discriminative and gives money to organizations that are discriminating, my first thought was they give money to the Adolf Hitler foundation, or some other truly evil foundations. What I found was they are giving money to Christian organizations.

Some of these organizations have done very good things with families, communities and providing ways to live a better life. Some of these organizations are nonprofit or use the profits strictly within the organization.

Also, a lot of the people affiliated with these organizations volunteer their time to do service for their community. I’m curious to know what the Gay-Straight Alliance has done for its community, outside of helping themselves.

Some of these organizations firmly believe in the Ten Commandments. If the Gay-Straight Alliance is against the Ten Commandments, what are they for?

My other question is, if Chick-fil-A were to give money to the Gay-Straight Alliance, why would they need this money? What would they use the money for? It is hard to pick on organizations that serve the community when your organization only serves yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to pick on anybody. I just want to know what services the Gay Straight Alliance has provided for anybody or what would they do with any money donated to them.

Right here in Clarksville, one such organization called Mana helps feed the homeless, the only real organization in Clarksville to do so on a mass scale.

This organization is Christian-run, and strictly counts on volunteers who donate their time.
Because of this, they are a Christian organization. I wonder if the Gay-Straight Alliance has something against them too. TAS