Following trends or the majority is no way to live one’s life.  Everyone is unique in the way they enjoy their free time, but some do find common interests and enjoy doing those activities together.  I came to college with a set idea in mind that most of what I do for fun I would do alone; however, I could not have been more wrong.  In my short time at university, I have found that if there is something you enjoy doing then there is at least one other person, if not a group of students, that would want to do that with you.  A good example if you enjoy reading, there are many groups on campus who can get together to read books together or have a book they all read every month. 

I discovered these groups in multiple ways.  First was online, at Peaylink, where there are lists of all the organizations and most of their events.  This was not only how I knew where the groups I was interested in were meeting, but it also helped me stock up on free food and shirts that show my school pride.  Once I knew where they were meeting and when I would go to their event, I could both introduce myself as well as gauge if that group was one I was truly interested in joining.  No longer would I have to do what I love alone, but instead I would be with those like me.  While it can be good to still have time alone, college is meant to be a time to make connections and network.  The best way to do that is to meet those who like the same things, and that is what the communities and groups on campus are for.

Another way to discover events or groups on campus is looking at the boards all around campus.  At APSU there are many message boards that most clubs or groups put fliers on to show when they are hosting an event or suppling free food.  These boards are often in the stairwells or in front of the Morgan University Center.  If I ever feel bored on campus or am on my way to lunch I just take a few minutes and look at them to see if there is any free food near me or if there is anything fun occurring on campus that I may want to be a part of.

Sometimes it is good to be alone, but if someone ever wants to find others to have fun with there is a plethora of groups on campus that can easily provide that entertainment.  No one should be afraid that they won’t be able to find a group that will best fit them because even if it doesn’t exist yet, it very well could in a week.  Students just need the courage to look for a group, and they should be able to find one that will best fit them so they can have the best time on campus.