Tragedy struck most of the Eastern hemisphere on Thursday, Nov. 12 and Friday, Nov. 13.

The solemn day consisted of suicide bombers in the Middle East and a massacre in Paris.

Multiple terrorist attacks plagued the city, killing more than 120 people and leaving 300 injured. The terrorist group ISIS strategically organized the attacks, according to reports from the New York Times and NBC News.

Seven of the terrorists died at the scenes, but that is one less fewer than what ISIS claimed to have involved. Out of that number, two of the terrorist have been identified as Ismael Omar Mostefai, 29, and the other is Bilal Hafdi, who was 19 or 20, according to CNN.

France struck back by ordering an air strike on the city of Raqqa, where an ISIS training camp is located.

ISIS took responsibility for a suicide bombing that took place in the suburb in Beirut the day before the Paris attacks. On Thursday Nov. 12, a suicide bomber struck a suburban street, killing 43 people. Then, on Friday, Nov. 13, another bomber struck at a funeral in Iraq, leaving at least 21 people dead.