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Mitt Romney

As former Governor of Massachusetts, Romney implemented a healthcare plan that became the model for the National plan passed during Obama’s first term. The plan worked for Massachusetts, but it won’t win him any friends in the GOP if Democrats continue to harp on it, as Republicans are notoriously against universal healthcare.
Despite his 1994 pledge to fight for equal rights for gay and lesbian couples, Romney has come out against gay marriage in his recent campaigning.
He did the same with abortion. While he previously supported a mother’s right to choose, he has decided in the last few years he is completely pro-life.

As CEO of consulting firm Bain & Company, he developed a knack for working with formulas and regulations and he has been largely successful in reversing financial turmoil in multiple companies, such as Staples and Dominos.

Herman Cain

The former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, Herman Cain has proposed a “9-9-9” tax plan which would impose a nine percent tax on income and sales across the board. The flaw in this plan is it over-simplifies the tax problem; studies have shown that a plan like this would raise taxes for over 80 percent of American families.
Cain has developed a reputation for saying things he later must retract
— he has had to clarify his stances on gay marriage, abortion and terrorism, all in favor of, shockingly, the GOP ideology.
His biggest obstacle will be his lack of familiarity with the American public. Until last year, not many knew his name. He is, nevertheless, a successful businessman and an eloquent speaker. His strength is in his understanding of middle class America and his perceived ability to sympathize with it.

He raised himself out of deep south segregation and into a masters degree from Purdue University.

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has an outstanding history in politics, which will work in his favor. He knows the ropes. He also has a well-established history as a leader for the Republican Party.
As a former House Speaker from Georgia, he headed the Republican takeover of Congress in 1994. In the beginning of his campaign, Gingrich drafted his “21st Century Contract with America,” which outlines reformation plans for everything from healthcare to social security to border security, and more.

Known as the Republican idea man, Gingrich’s plan displays his creative thinking skills in a 26-page report, proving he won’t be caught without an answer in the next 13 months of campaign work.
Gingrich’s multiple divorces and admitted infidelity will be a sure problem for his fellow conservatives, though he seems energized by the controversy and has no concern for his party’s feelings.

Ron Paul

Ron Paul is far from anonymity. His 20 years of congressional experience have rendered him nearly a household name. His Libertarian approach to politics has been both a source of support as well as opposition in the past, mainly because he supports scaling back the military.
Paul advocates for increased states rights and a decrease in Federal interference in free market. As for gay rights and abortion, Paul actually differs slightly from the rest of the GOP. While he personally feels abortion is an act of violence, he would hand it to the states to decide. He maintains that marriage is a religious institution and should therefore be left to the church.
Paul believes in minimizing big government and making extreme budget cuts in order to correct the national deficit rather than increasing taxes, which he feels are a government mandated redistribution of wealth.