Hump Day Wednesday Forecast

It’s Hump Day Wednesday, and the forecast for today still calls for hot and steamy weather. I hope that your classes are going well so far. If you are planning to join any outdoor events like last night’s Peay Soup, please remember to stay hydrated and chill in the shade. For the rest of the week, we will likely see increased thunderstorm activity.  I would not expect them to be severe, but I have a few tips to avoid any danger from lightning.

If there are activities being done outdoors, stop when you count 30 seconds or less between seeing lightning flash and hearing thunder. Then wait thirty minutes after the last thunder to resume activities. Please remember that there are no safe places outdoors from lightning strikes, and steer clear of bodies of water, hills and anything that conducts electricity.  For more information and lightning safety tips, go to this website:

Forecast for next few days (NWS Nashville)

Tonight- Mostly cloudy, 40% chance of thunderstorm, Lo- 71

Thursday- Mostly cloudy, 60% chance of shower and thunderstorm, Hi- 85

Thursday night- Mostly cloudy, 20% chance of thunderstorm, Lo- 69

Friday- Partly sunny, 40% chance of thunderstorm, Hi- 88

Friday night- Mostly cloudy, Lo- 70

Weather in History

The War of 1812 was not turning out well for the United States as the British forces under Admiral Cockburn raided Washington, D. C. on August 24, 1814. The capital was being burned and demolished by the British. The invasion continued the next day in hot, steamy weather. However, the redcoats didn’t see what was about to hit them. A twister dropped out of sky and interrupted Cockburn’s forces during the invasion, killing several redcoats in its track. Eventually, the startled British left the city alone. After the tornado, Washington D.C. was rebuilt and remained the capital today.

Perhaps that it was a nice to remember that a tornado intervened in our time of need.



If you haven’t seen my first article yet, there is a storm spotting class with WKRN Weather Roadshow here on campus scheduled for Wednesday, September 26. For more information:

Please Note: Ivy MacDaniel is a trained storm spotter and this blog is meant to be informative of the weather through the week. It is also meant to have light humor for some commentary on the weather of the day.