If the on-going COVID-19 pandemic dampened the joy of Easter holidays for some, Mother Nature has plans in mind. Three main weather issues that are looking to spoil Easter holiday further are ranked from least annoying to most annoying below. As of writing (April 9, 2020), here are some overviews of Easter Day.

Snowflakes be fallin’

Yep. You read it right. Beautiful snow. From multiple sources like this one, 4-8″ of snow is in forecast generally from Rockies to Midwest. Take this tweet from NWS Rapid City in South Dakota. It could be a fun day with mild annoyance for some. On the bright side, sledding and snowball fights are great additions to Easter egg hunt in backyard and dyeing eggs.

Not time to pack up coats and mittens yet

As part of the snow, Old Man Winter may pay a visit to the general areas of Rockies to Midwest. The forecast temperatures in the tweet above are really cold by Tennessee standards even in winter! NWS noted that they are below average.

Rain? Again?

Rain, rain, rain, go away! It’s just like the South can’t get enough rain. Again, flash flooding can be dangerous, so steer clear of rising waters! At least, keep an umbrella handy if you live in area that will see rain this Easter. Well, it would be a good day for indoor egg hunt.

The… what? Tornadoes?

Okay. This is not annoying anymore since it has a potential to be dangerous. That’s where we crosses from “annoying” to “dangerous” since it has a potential to be a high-end outbreak! James Spann, one of most reputable broadcast meteorologists in the media, mentioned long track supercells. The models had been giving meteorologist chills down their spines for Easter Day. The tweets below spoke for themselves about how concerned the forecasters and broadcast meteorologists are about Easter. Welp… time to move Easter dinner to basement.

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Image Credits: Cattime.com

Now, I wish you have Happy Easter! Enjoy this cute picture and keep positive regardless of whichever annoying weather that comes your way depending on where you live. For those in South, have multiple ways to receive warnings this weekend.

I am a trained spotter and weather enthusiast who spent years enjoying learning about weather. I provide my thoughts and commentaries, sometimes with light humor.