>>By Katherine McCully, Guest Writer

Last night I went to see Skrillex and Chance the Rapper. The Skrillex show was good, but it’s not really my scene. I love it the bass drops just as much as the next girl, but it’s not generally my thing. The show was amazing, though. The light show was really impressive; I Instagrammed it. You should go follow @theallstate on Twitter and Instagram to see our photos. The shameless plug portion of this blog post is now over. Thank you.
We left the Skrillex show pretty early to head over to Chance the Rapper. He was great, and much more my style. His show was pretty chill. I only stayed for a little of it because it was super late, but what I saw was great. He’s an awesome performer.

We finally got back to the tent around 4 a.m., and we stayed up eating and talking about which show we enjoyed the most until the sun came up around 5. I think everyone should stay up all night to see the sun rise at least once. It gives you a different perspective on the world, especially if you do it at the happiest place on Earth.

I’ve got my high-five on lockdown now. I’m getting good at it. I know you were worried.

We haven’t been going through the arch because we’re camped far away from it, and we’ve been going in a different gate. But we went through it yesterday because it’s a Bonnaroo right of passage. You just have to. The line snakes back and forth and it’s just one long series of high-fives. I’m pretty sure I got more high-fives today than I have in my entire life until Bonnaroo.

Today, I’m looking forward to seeing Cake, Cage the Elephant and Frank Ocean. Stay tuned to our social media accounts to see Bonnaroo from our perspective. Happy Bonnaroo!