It unbelievable how busy I have been here in the DMV. I’m starting to warm up to the city, figuratively, of course, because it is still unbelievably cold, and it is supposed to snow again before this week is over.

I am completely jealous of everyone going to Florida for spring Break. Enjoy the 60-degree weather.

Last week marked the Chinese New Year. I honestly had no idea what this day entailed, so I hit up the best website ever — aka Google — to learn some quick facts.

I found out it is the Year of the Goat/Sheep. Xīnnián kuàilè is the simplified version of how to say “new year happiness” in Chinese. It is pronounced “sshin-nyen kwhy-ler.”

It was important to know this phrase, because people said it throughout the festival I attended. I had to wear red, because it symbolizes luck and prosperity. I ended up wearing blue and red, and a lady at the festival said I would have bad luck because both colors should not be worn.

It freaked me out a little bit, but I know in future years I will not be wearing those colors together around this time.

The festival I keep referencing was in the Chinatown portion of D.C., and it was amazing. There was Bubble Tea (which I tried for the first time), sushi and pho, and chopsticks were in the hands of everyone walking up and down the crowded sidewalks. The best part was seeing the dancing dragons glide through the streets with elaborate patterns and designs.

I loved seeing the pride and happiness some festivalgoers felt about being from China. Still keeping in touch with home roots while being in America is pure dedication. They sang and danced and told anyone that passed “new year happiness.”

It was also nice to be around so many cultures and share this holiday with some of my Chinese friends with the program.

Also, this weekend, I went to the most expensive bowling alley ever. It was called Lucky Strike, and one lane for one hour was $65. I am so glad that we were able to get multiple people on one lane so we could split the costs, because I have never paid that much for a bowling lane.

But, I guess people get paid more here because the cost of living is through the roof. I checked out how much the rent for my apartment would be, and it was $1,500. That’s not including cable, internet, water etc. Ridiculous, right?

I do not think I would ever move to D.C. unless I had an amazing job offer was able to drive my car, because I still despise public IMG_8604transit.

Well, that is it for now.IMG_8613

Much Love,