» By Phillip Swanson

Staff Writer

Witnesses reported to campus police that they heard shots fired on Drane St. between Governor’s Terrace South and McReynolds Monday evening, Feb. 17.

Witnesses reported seeing a white Nissan Altima and a white Chevrolet Malibu in the area. The Altima’s occupants fired two shots, then drove towards College St., according to witnesses. The Malibu drove towards Marion St. Officers arrived on the scene to investigate, sending out the first notification of unconfirmed shots fired and advising those on campus to take shelter.

Upon further investigation, an officer found two shell casings, and a second notification was sent to campus residents, confirming the report. Officers have exhausted all leads and are currently unable to identify the suspects, according to APSU Chief of Police Michael Kasitz, but the investigation is still open.

In an unrelated incident at Castle Heights the same evening, there was a report from two students of two people in a sedan supposedly seen waving a gun. Campus police found the two individuals, and after questioning, they admitted to waving around a BB gun. Officers looked at the weapon, and, according to their report, the weapon looked “very real” and capable of firing more than just pellets.

After questioning, one of the individuals said there was a third individual inside the residence hall visiting a female student. The three individuals involved were taken to Shasteen and interrogated. All three were found to be nonstudents. The individuals were warned they would be arrested for trespassing if they returned to campus. There was no campus alert issued because of the response time of the police. TAS