Kimbra isn’t just somebody that you used to know.

In 2012, Kimbra Lee Johnson, who goes professionally by Kimbra, rose to fame from her and Gotye’s Grammy-winning song “Somebody That I Used To Know.” Since then, Kimbra has released two more albums after her debut album “Vows” and is working on her fourth album.

On October 15, Kimbra released her first single, a year and a half after the 2018 release of her third album “Primal Heart.”

The single is called “Secret Tapes.” It can only be heard through a monthly subscription to her Patreon page.

The song was written during the time of her last album and was planned to go on “Primal Heart” but was later cut from the tracklist.

Still, it is clear from the single’s sound that it was written in the era of her third album. It employs similar electronic elements and lyrics that are more aggressive than her previous works.

Kimbra’s first two albums, “Vows” and “The Golden Echo” were respectively jazz-pop and maximalist electronic. Her musical style has remained fairly consistent throughout her career. It has evolved and is layered with different styles that create something uniquely “Kimbra.”

The change is most noticeable in her lyrics. Her first album is lyrically surrounded by the idea and expectations of relationships.

As a result, the lyrics are quite dreamy and include heavy metaphors and symbolism. “The Golden Echo” is equally shrouded in its lyrics. Sonically, it brings a heaviness not present in her first album.

Her third album, “Primal Heart” is distinctly stripped back. It has lighter instrumentation, yet more direct lyrics. Kimbra’s sound and lyrics evolved.

“Secret Tapes” is the culmination of this change, but still stays true to the image and sound Kimbra is known for among her fans. 

Listen to Kimbra on Spotify below.