With three touchdown catches, Devin Starks leads the Govs to a 23-17 home opening OVC conference win.

Update: Final Govs 23 Colonels 17
Govs stop Colonels on-side kick attempt and kneel twice for the win.

Update: 1:52 Fourth quarter Govs 23 Colonels 17
Colonels Tyrone Gould pulls down his second touchdown of the game to bring the Colonels within one score of the Govs.

Update: ‎3:52 Fourth quarter Govs 23 Colonels 10
Govs safety Antwaun Majors intercepts the ball. Govs takeover on their own 4-yard line.

Update: 8:58 Fourth quarter, Govs 23 Colonels 10
After defense forces another EKU punt, Govs’ offense forced to start near their own end zone. However, White quickly rushes for another Govs first down.

Update: 14:27 Fourth quarter, Govs 23 Colonels 10
Govs start first offensive drive of the quarter on their own 31 yard line.

Update: End of the third quarter, Govs maintaining 23-10 lead.

Update 2:31 third quarter Govs 23 Colonels 10
Govs defense holding. After forcing two punts, Ryan throws an interception to give Colonels another shot to score. But Govs defense forces a fumble on third down and two and recovers the ball.

Update: 8:30 Third quarter Govs 23 Colonels 10
Govs firing on offense and defense. After the score, the defense forces EKU to go three and out. Govs start first and 10 on the 50-yard line.

Update: 9:49 Third quarter Govs 23 Colonels 10
Ryan completes his third touchdown pass to Devin Stark. Extra point is good.

Update: Third quarter Govs 16 Colonels 10
Govs offense still driving in Colonels territory. First and 10 on their 18-yard line. Already in field goal range.

Update: Third quarter Govs 16 Colonels 10
Govs open the second half with the ball. A Colonel’s penalty gives them first and 10 on the 42-yard line.

Halftime: Govs 16 Colonels 10
1st quarter 7:11 APSU Stark catches 16-yard pass from Ryan
7:05 APSU Smith safety
2nd quarter 13:13 EKU Pray kicks 36-yard field goal
6:59 EKU Goard catches 52-yard pass from Pryor
1:46 APSU Stark catches 5-yard pass from Ryan

Total offense: Govs 199 yards Colonels 215 yards

Govs QB Jake Ryan has completed eight passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns
Devin Stark has four catches for 65 yards and two touchdowns
Ryan White has 13 carries for 62 yards

Update: 0:56 Second quarter
Colonels attempt 28-yard field goal and miss. Govs maintain 16-10 lead.

Update: 1:46 second quarter
Stark catches 6-yard touchdown pass on third down and goal. Extra point is good. Govs retake lead, 16-10.

Update: 1:54 Second quarter
Another catch by Devin Stark gives Govs first and goal on Colonels’ 5-yard line.

Update: 3:50 Second quarter.
Govs offense convert on fourth down and three. Driving in Colonels territory.

Update: 6:59 Second quarter
Colonel’s Tyrone Goard catches a 52-yard touchdown pass to tie the game. The extra point gives the Colonels the lead 10-9.

Update: 10:15 Second Quarter
Govs Defense stop Colonels on third down and five. Short punt and penalty gives Govs’ offense first and 10 on Colonels 44-yard line.

Update: 13:13 Second quarter
EKU kicks a field goal. Govs lead 9-3.

Update: End of the First Quarter Govs lead 9-0
Colonels driving after Govs four and out. Second down and 5 at the Govs 36-yard line.

Update: 2:35 First quarter
Govs defense comes up with and interception, take over first and 10 on their own 14-yard line.

Update: 4:41 First quarter
Colonels fail to convert third down and three, but Govs penalty gives them a first down.

Update: 7:05 First quarter
Devin Stark catches a 16-yard touchdown pass to give Govs their first lead of the season. Afterwards, EKU pinned down near their own end zone. Govs get a safety, lead EKU 9-0 and regain posssession of the ball.

Update: 9:20 First quarter
Neither team scored in their first offensive drive. A second defensive stance by the Govs has led to them starting their second drive in Colonels territory. A penalty moves them to First and 10 on Colonels 34-yard line.