The annual Gov ‘Color’ Run raised more than $4,000 in scholarships the evening of Saturday, Sept. 26.

The starting line, finish line and after-party were located at the Intramural Fields. The event was hosted by Alumni Relations, and students, alumni and family members in the community were all welcome to participate.

The Color Run went through many changes since last year, from the length of the track to the amount of paint thrown.

“[This year’s race was] a whole new race and race path, with more paint, more money raised and louder music,” said Special Events Coordinator for the Office of Alumni Relations Rylan Kean. The race was stretched from a single mile to two miles, and as soon as participants finished the race, they entered the after-party. Every 10 minutes from 6:30 to 7 p.m., paint was dropped onto the runners and scattered in every direction.

Though many students got into the race itself for free, T-shirts and paint packets for the after-party were available for purchase during registration and post-race.

“As a freshman I like to get involved in activities that are going on,” said freshman psychology major Lamarkus Day. “[The Gov Run] is a fun event that goes to scholarships and helps people.” 

The runners traveled in a large circular path, passing through four color stations on the way, two with wet paint and two with dry. As participants passed the barricades, volunteers threw colors on them.   

The paint used in the run was biodegradable and safe for runners. Though many chose to wear shirts that might preserve their colors, they are likely to come out if participants decide to wash what they wore after the race.

“I think [the Gov Run] is a great thing to do,” said freshman music education major Aubrey Lewis. “It’s something a lot of people get involved in.”

Participants were allowed to go at their own pace and could also bring along children and babies. Though it was dubbed a “race,” there was no clear victor.

“Everyone’s a winner because it’s for scholarships,” said Kean. More than $4,000 in scholarship money was raised for the students at APSU.