The Gilroy Neighborhood Pub is the newest addition to the University Avenue complex. It is currently where Sorvino’s used to be and had its grand opening on Thursday, Nov. 12.

“About six weeks ago we signed a lease. They did the build out in seven days and then we open this week,” said Randy Huth, general manager of The Gilroy Neighborhood Pub.

Though the pub’s name is The Gilroy, some may recognize it as The Peaynuts Bar and Grill. Huth explains, “We only put that sign up to get a little excitement going. We started for people to go and vote on things that they wanted to see in a [pub]. The intent was never to cause any harm or malice to the university; it was just to get people excited about what’s coming.”

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The décor of the pub is based off of a Las Vegas theme. The burnt orange walls are covered with records and posters of old actors and movies.

This theme ties into the origin of the name of the pub.

“One question everyone always asks is: ‘Where did you get the name ‘The Gilroy?’And that’s actually from the movie ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’” Huth said.

“In that movie, Matt Damon’s character is going to seduce a cougar, an older lady, and he puts this funny nose on and the other characters don’t believe that he has the skills to seduce her. So they put a patch on his neck that puts off pheromones that attracts women and that patch is called the Gilroy patch.

“That movie was set in Vegas so we started looking at old timey pictures of Vegas, and that’s kind of where it started.

“Then we just asked everybody that we knew to donate stuff to go on the walls and we just started adding them continuously. It’s an ever changing concept [because] the walls will never stop being added to. That will continually be a collage.”

Huth describes The Gilroy as a great place to sit and have lunch. They also have a happy hour, and serve dinner and provide Wi-Fi.

“It’s the whole package; we have everything mixed into one.”

“We wanted a place that is based around where you go for a feel good time. So now we are ‘The Gilroy, It’s a feel good place.’ That’s our motto,” Huth said. “Clarksville just better be ready for a good time.”

The Gilroy is located on 140 University Ave. and is open from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Tuesday, 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. on Sunday. The Gilroy also has a website,, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare. TAS