During the Student Government Association meeting on Wednesday, April 1, President Zac Gillman vetoed two acts, the Senate passed three resolutions and legislation was proposed.

Gillman vetoed Acts No. 4 and 5. Act No. 4, sponsored by Sen. Ryan Honea, stated that proper subsections were to be added to certain colleges for equal representation throughout the Senate for the student body.

Gillman said he was concerned there is no maximum number of seats in the senate. This could add an unnecessary amount of senators for one college. “There are no actual provisions stating how many senate seats are going to be proportional,” Gillman said.

Act No. 5, sponsored by Sen. Tabitha Montague, aimed to enforce a biannual committee to examine the number of students in each college compared to the number of senators to see if there is adequate representation.

Gillman said he believed it is not necessary to develop a committee.

He suggested one of the Executive Board members be assigned that task instead.

“Both are good resolutions but should add provisions,” Gillman said.

In response, Sen. Honea amended Act No. 4 to state the aforementioned colleges shall have a maximum total of 15 senators; in case proportions do not properly align to 15, the Executive Council may allow for a 16th senator.

The act passed with one opposing vote and one abstention.

Act. No. 5 was discussed back and forth. Sen. Montague amended the act to eliminate the enforcement of a committee and instead assign the task to one senator.

Honea advocated for the job to be assigned to a senator instead of an executive council member, because they already have many duties.

“A member of the EC should be a part because it is too much for one person,” said Sen. Ankit Patel.

Sen. Dylan Kellogg added to the act to state the duty of a senator in conjunction with an SGA adviser.

Patel said the EC should take on the task.

Honea said, “the Senate needs more responsibilities.” Act No. 5, with its changes, passed with 13 senators in favor.

After the debate on the two acts, SGA passed three resolutions.

Resolution No. 21, sponsored by Sen. Glenna Beaty, develops a task force to rethink the Peay Pickup because with the future purchase of the Jenkins and Wynne lot, new parking lots will be created.

In discussion of Resolution No. 22, the sponsor, Patel, withdrew the resolution.

Sponsored by Sen. Faith Merriweather, Resolution No. 23 will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Campus Safety and Roads Committee suggesting they make the crosswalk on Browning Drive that connects Felix G. Woodward Library and Clement more visible.

Resolution No. 24, sponsored by Sen. Julia Matthews, will send a formal letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant requesting the addition of a flashing pedestrian sign at the crosswalk connecting both the Music and Mass Communication and Kimbrough Buildings to the sidewalk of the Trahern parking lot.

In new business, four legislations were introduced.

Sen. Lauren Lynch sponsors both Resolution No. 25 and 26. Resolution No. 25 would send a formal letter of recommendation to the Physical Plant requesting that they repair the window in room 240 of Trahern.

Resolution No. 26 asks the Physical Plant to check for mold and repair the wall in room 317 of Harned Hall.

Sponsored by Sen. Jordan Reedy, Resolution No. 27 would send a formal letter of recommendation to the Campus and Roads Committee and to the Physical Plant to repaint the road markings on Drane Street and install roadway lighting from Miller Hall to Marion Street.

Sponsored by Sen. Austin McKain, Resolution No. 28 would utilize the SGA budget to provide two pillows and a blanket for the SGA office. TAS