A new Gillette commercial calling out “toxic masculinity” has made waves in the media. Consumers are split right down the middle.

It is important to note that Gillette is just a company that sells razors. They do not care if masculinity is toxic or not they just want as much propaganda for their product as possible. Although aside from portraying toxic masculinity they did show traits of positive masculinity.

Toxic masculinity is defined as the stereotypical belief that men should never show emotion and always be “manly”. It refers to the social gender role that men should be unemotional violent and sexually aggressive.

Living in a patriarchal society it isn’t hard to believe that such a thing could be so deeply ingrained in our society.

For toxic masculinity to be such a hated thing we live in a society that absolutely glorifies it.

Media praises men that show traits that are considered toxic.

That was for a long time just the way things worked but that is no longer the case.

One of the number one shows according to Entertainment Weekly is Sunday Night Football. Contact sports have a very violent edge to them. Young men often emulating things they see on television and if football is one of them it is easy to imagine a child being slightly more aggressive.

The AAFB reported that the average American youth will witness 200,000 acts of violence before they turn 18. Further studies indicated that 20- 25 acts of violence appear on television every hour.

“The Bachelor” glorifies toxic masculinity. One man specifically, dating several beautiful women at a time. “The Bachelor” teaches young men that if you are successful enough that women should just throw themselves at you.

Growing up watching shows like this it is very plausible that young boy might start to see women as objects. Shows objectifying women could have very long-lasting effects on the mind of a young impressionable boy watching television.

They are not objects they have feelings thoughts and hearts but often on television they are depicted merely as sex objects.

Moreover, music can be just as damaging. Many lyrics are now known for lyrics that carry misogynistic undertones and language that is demeaning towards females.

Music can encourage violence. It can incite the very primal feelings of rage and encourage youths to act more aggressively.

Media often shows off the toxic side of masculinity there are a lot of positives. Gillette showed a lot of the positive aspects of manhood. Doing the right thing even when it is hard or if it comes at a great cost to you.

During the ad, there was a slight segment from when actor Terry Crews came forward as a witness to speak about his sexual assault case. He said that “Men need to hold other men accountable.” He faced a lot of backlashes and had quite a few jokes made at his expense.

He did the right thing. Men should be holding men accountable for the things they say and the actions they choose to make.  Toxic behaviors will always continue if they are tolerated and allowed to grow.

Locker room talk is an excuse and it is one of the many things that is holding us back from being the best men that we can be. It is not acceptable anymore to allow our men to behave in ways that hurt others.

One thing that has allowed this toxic trait to become so big is that it has been tolerated for many years. Being a man should never be about getting the best. Being a man should be about being the best that you can be.