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Amber | Living YOUR Creative | Pinterest

» By Emily Despain

Staff Writer

College is hard, especially around the holidays. We have exams to get through, temporary goodbyes to say and approximately 43 questions to dodge at the dinner table on Thanksgiving.

One thing we almost always seem to forget until the last minute is buying gifts for everyone. It only makes gift giving that much harder when you’re on a college budget.

“I write out a list of people I’m getting gifts for,” said junior Erika Thomas. “That way I don’t get present happy while shopping, and I can see how I need to budget my spending money. Also, I plan to add on smaller gifts to their original gift like their favorite candy.”

Budgeting is a great plan for the holidays. Another option is crafting. Sit down at your computer and log on to Pinterest.

Some great gifts ideas are personalized coupons, draw-on coffee mugs and anything hand knitted.

Personalized coupons are a great way to plan an entire year of memories in one gift.

Write things like “redeem for one movie marathon day” or “redeem for one dinner out.”

Draw-on coffee mugs are a super easy do-it-yourself present. They’re usually bought at any craft store in a kit.

Draw a sweet message on the mug, pop it in the oven, and your loved one has a present every morning forever.

Knitting is also a cheap and easy way to surprise someone during the holiday. A handmade scarf or blanket will bring tears to the eyes of any mother.

These are just a few ways for college students to get through the Christmas season without breaking the bank.

Happy shopping, crafting and Happy Holidays.