With every new semester students’ pockets are empty as the cost for school becomes a financial burden.

It is considered “normal” for first time-freshmen as well as non-traditional students to drop out, due to financial purposes according to a 2022 College Factual article.

“When Freshmen enter college, a lot of times their families do not prepare them fully for college. People have asked me the difference between subsidized and unsubsidized loans. I hear a lot of students talk about trying to come up with ideas or tactics to manage their money. There are even a lot of students who are trying to work multiple jobs just to get by or get a job to pay their school tuition or have money to buy groceries,” said Danielle Whistant, junior, biology major.

Whistant continued to shed light on the struggle of non-traditional students.

“Non-Traditional students have it just as hard. Non-traditional students are probably paying more out of pocket because the longer you are in school the more money you have to pay. On top of that, childcare is so expensive. Everything is expensive.”

With inflation going up, there are available resources on campus and outside of campus that have helped students. The S.O.S. Food Pantry is a place where Austin Peay students can go to grab the food they need. In order to qualify or grab food, you just need to show your APSU student ID.

A plus for military-affiliated students is that mission commissary happens once a month on Wednesdays at the Military Newton Center where military-affiliated students can get non-perishable items. The staff there even gives information on how, when, and where students can get perishable food items. They also have incredible resources for free such as  textbooks at no charge or at a discounted rate. The faculty help military-affiliated students see what kind of benefits are out there to ensure those students can finish their education career.

In addition to the food pantry and military discounts, getting a job on campus is a great way to relieve financial stress.

“There are always leadership roles on campus that pay well. Even though there are options such as the caf or food court that are looking for workers, I recommend students find leadership positions that will not only look great on a resume but these positions and enhance leadership skills. For example, Purpose for Scholars,” said Savannah Longo, Student Success Coordinator.

Another money saving tip would be to look for deals on books.

“I typically spend $500-$600 for books on average, that is a whole bill. Maybe even groceries for a few months. Everything costs money, but students do not make enough to even get by,” said Whistant.

Peaymobile is a great app to find books. Students will buy their books from the bookstore or will go on amazon (for cheaper deals) but, on the Peaymobile app, students are always looking to sell their books for cheap. Some students even recommend going to your classes first before buying the book because some teachers do not use the books located on textbook express.

Last but not least, your advisor is a proactive guide that can help you find scholarships that apply. If they do not have the answer, more than likely they can point you to the person who does have the answer, just be willing to speak up and ask.