The APSU Police Department is offering students a way out of their mounting pile of parking fines. The price: canned food.

APSU campus police organize a Food for Fines program every year, which allows people who have fines for vehicle infractions. Up to 10 non-perishable items equate to one fine waived.

“Campus Police started the program three years ago, when chief Michael Kasitz got the idea from other campuses that have similar programs in place,” Alexandra Wills, director of the Center for Service-Learning, said. “Last year campus police lost thousands of dollars in waived fines, and that is a big deal because the fines are how they cover expenses.”

Campus Police are asking for a variety of non-perishable foods, such as canned vegetables, rice and beans. Dry goods such as ramen noodles are not accepted.

“The canned and dry goods can be brought to the Shasteen building for credit,” Wills said. “Meat can be brought directly to the Service-Learning building as we now have a means to store fresh meat now.”

The Food for Fines programs typically take place during finals week in the fall semester. This coordinates with the high demand for canned food during the holiday season.

“The holiday season is a busy time for us as people’s need rises, so this program helps us keep our stock up to meet people’s demand,” Wills said.

Both students and faculty can take advantage of the program’s offer up to a maximum of two tickets. The only non-waivable infractions involve handicap parking.

“I have never heard of the program until the school sent an email out to announce it, and I think more students should be aware of this and utilize it,” senior English major Esther Sooter said. “This is a fantastic way to give to the community while also helping yourself get out of parking ticket fines.”

For further information about the Food for Fines program, contact campus police at the Shasteen building or the Center for Service-Learning at 322 Home Ave.