FMLA President, Alyssa Collier is no stranger to the “fire” that comes from attending a conference meant to empower women.

“Last year was my very first trip to the [National Young Feminist Leadership Conference]. I felt so empowered after, as soon as I got home I asked to be the FMLA president,” Collier reminisced.

The National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (NYFLC) is an opportunity for young women all around the world to unite, network, learn and discuss issues that women around the globe face. The Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA) journeyed to Washington D.C. for the Feminist Majority Foundation’s 15th annual on March 9 just after International Women’s Day.

Collier, described the conference as a “stepping stone for young feminist in college and high school,” and said that the conference gives the feminist organizations information to bring back to their campuses, such as information on how to advocate, network and make a difference in local communities.

“Being in high school and college we can only do so much, but even doing something on a small level is just one step closer to the bigger picture,” Collier said.

Collier explained FMLA went to the conference to get that exact information and more. She stated that the conference gave the organization a sense of leadership she hopes to implement on campus alongside her fellow members. She also shared how empowered her and the rest of the women who joined her on the trip felt after the conference was over.

“A lot of fire comes from our members after they come home from the conference,” Collier said. “There’s definitely a lot of learning and unlearning throughout the conference as we unlearn our constructive and societal ways.”

Since she became FMLA President, she has planned numerous events for the group and women of APSU to partake in on campus. These events have covered topics like sexual assault and menstruation. With March being Women’s History month the FMLA’s fire will be seen and heard all over campus as they continue to plan important events for all students to attend in order to show their support and get educated on the modern day issues and experiences that women go through.

The FMLA advocates for the equality of women and women empowerment across all borders. Attending NYFLC gives members the opportunity to network with other women, hone their skills for the workplace, and learn about global politics and current events. Collier and the FMLA strive to implement what the conference has to offer and will continue to bring back to campus their new skills and information.

The FMLA meets Wednesdays at 4:30 p.m. in MUC 306. Follow FMLA on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.