APSU’s Student Government Assembly (SGA) convened on Jan. 16 at 5 p.m for the first meeting of the spring semester. The Executive Council of SGA welcomed Senators back and referenced that this semester would be better than the last.

The majority of the meeting concerned resolutions and discussing them.

During E.C. reports, Executive Secretary Hailee Crawford mentioned that the annual blood drive done with Red Cross was fast approaching. Senators recorded that the event would be held on Feb. 7 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Crawford strongly encouraged Senators to begin legislation early this semester because the option to roll over will not be available this time around. During the fall semester, some Senators wrote their resolutions later than prescribed and meetings were devoted solely to presenting them. SGA had no choice but to table those resolutions in December until the next meeting, the first spring semester meeting.

President Courtney Covington announced that more than 10,000 students enrolled for fall semester 2018. To celebrate, the Senate voted to cosponsor $2,500 to purchase 1,000 T-shirts for an enrollment event planned in the future. The T-shirts will be given to the first 1,000 students that attend the event.

The SGA meeting continued with Old Business; which involved discussing the resolutions from fall semester. Senators moved to bring their resolutions to the floor and summarized their legislation to be voted on. However, Chief Justice Ashlyn Whittaker said that Tribunal spent much time reading over the resolutions and in result had suggestions. Therefore, some resolutions with errors or ambiguous meanings were tabled for amendment.

Resolutions 9 and 11 had no errors and were then voted for and passed. Resolution 9 included painting a new crosswalk on campus and Resolution 11 proposed an affordable meal plan for commuters.

New Business consisted of choosing a new Parliamentarian, an individual responsible for navigating SGA meeting alongside Robert’s rules for the sake of conduct. Senator Wiliam Cody was voted on and bestowed the Parliamentarian role.

Following the applause for Senator Cody, the meeting moved onto announcements. One, in particular, was intent on sponsoring a concert for APSU. The plan and overall idea would require much planning, budgeting, and discussion with other contacts. Most Senators along with members of the Executive Council were interested in the idea as well and promised further consideration.