Charlie Neibergall | Associated Press


If you missed the first presidential debate last week, all you need to know is Big Bird won and lost, depending on your political views.

According to many polls and political pundits, former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney actually won the debate, but neither candidate seemed to bring anything new to the table.

Nearly a week after the first debate, the most memorable moment came when Romney suggested cutting funding to Big Bird and PBS as one of his only specific solutions to reduce the national deficit.

Big Bird immediately started trending on Twitter and Facebook during the debates and the topic is still trending on social media, TV and in the news, according to USA Today.

Most political pundits and polls said Romney won the debate with a strong performance.

Romney was more aggressive and seemed more prepared for the debate.

Romney definitely had more energy and was not afraid of being confrontational with President Barack Obama over their differences.

Although Romney won the debate performance, I do not think many potential voters learned anything new about him or his proposed policies, and this could be said about both candidates.

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