The $16 million Art and Design building renovations have been delayed due to complications with the project and are expected to resume in November, according to Architect and Director of University Design Marc Brunner.

“Construction crews will begin moving equipment in and begin the construction’s groundwork during November and continue throughout the remainder of the academic year,” Brunner said in a campus-wide email. This construction will continue through the rest of the academic year and is expected to be completed by the start of the 2016-17 academic year.

In September, APSU held the groundbreaking ceremony for the project originally set to start in the beginning of October.

Many students, faculty, staff and community members were in attendance. The new fine arts building will include many new features: eight design studios, a teaching gallery, a two-story display gallery, an art education classroom, two general use classrooms, faculty offices, break-out spaces in the corridors for impromptu art critiques and pin-up space along the corridor.

Renovations to the Trahern will include repurposing spaces for Theater and Dance, heating ventilation and air conditioning upgrades, a black box theater and repairs to any damaged concrete. TAS