Four new sororities will be making an extension bid to place a charter on APSU campus at the end of February and the beginning of March.

The sororities coming to APSU to make the extension bids are Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Omicron Pi and Kappa Delta.

Brianna Lombardozzi , coordinator of Greek Life said the sororities are making their selling points on why they should come to campus. “It is almost like a sales pitch.”

“We are looking for an organization that will compliment the other three sororities, as well as Greek life in general,” Lombardozzi said. She said they are looking for an organization with strong support in the area.

Amanda Griffin, president of Alpha Sigma Alpha said she thinks, as a colony, the key for the new sorority should have local alumnae and national support.

“Having a positive reputation on campus will be important for the organization to maintain. The organization will need to have a strong new member program to let the women recruited know what the organization is all about. It will be important for the organization to set a reasonable GPA requirement, in order to be initiated,” Griffin said.

Lombardozzi said there is not a definite answer whether one of the sororities will be able to establish a charter. “It is based on presentation. We could decide none of them fit very well with our campus, but I am sure one of the groups will be selected.”

Lombardozzi said the Panhellenic Council voted to create an exploratory committee, whose job was to explore historical data, ask student opinions and then decide to ask the council to bring in a new sorority.

“One of the organizations is not at numbers right now, but with enrollment increases and all of the positive info there is no reason not to bring forth a new organization,” Lombardozzi said.

“In my opinion, APSU Panhellenic Council is ready to expand the Greek options for recruitment. With more sororities available, it will increase the awareness of the Greek community,” Griffin said.

Lombardozzi said the Panhellenic Council put together an extension committee to help with the process. The extension committee is made of each Panhellenic delegate, three previous members of the executive board, the current president and alumna advisers from each sorority.

Lombardozzi said each of the delegates voted yes to open for an extension. After the vote was passed to open, information was sent out to the 23 national Panhellenic Council sororities.

The national sororities then decide if APSU is of interest to them. Then APSU receives packets of information from sororities for the extension committee to decide which ones come to APSU to make an extension bid.

“After presentations, we will get feedback from people who attended the presentations and the extension committee gives a recommendation to the Panhellenic Council to vote yes or no.”

Lombardozzi said everyone is really excited for the new sorority and there is not a lot of negative feedback.

“We want a sorority that will hit the ground running and add to a growing campus,” Lombardozzi    said. TAS