On November 8th, the 2022 Tennessee General and City Clarksville Elections were held with polls closing at 7 p.m.

Election results were delayed as many voters were confused due to changes in voting location or the simple delay of long lines. At Woodlawn Elementary voting was held for over an hour past when polls closed officially.

Below are the following voting results for Clarksville, Montgomery County, as well as statewide results, with an account of early and absentee votes.

For governor, Republican Bill Lee, came in the lead with 60.18%- Statewide being 65.04% with a total of 24,811 votes.

Bill Lee is a seventh-generation Tennessean who focuses on several priorities such as quality education, public safety, and family support- with his focus on the rural side of Tennessee.

For city mayor, Joe Pitts makes a return to office with 54.5%- a total of 14,095 votes.

In US House, Dist. 7:

Republican Mark Green won the election with 60.51% compared to Odessa Kelly’s 37.23%.

In TN House, Dist. 67:

Democrat Ronnie Glynn narrowly wins with a total of 5,766 votes to Tommy Vallejos 5,613 votes.

In TN House, Dist. 68:

Republican Curtis Johnson wins yet again this time around with a total of 13,500 votes.

On the following Tennessee amendments here were the following results for Montgomery County:

Amendment 1, which talks about the right to work, 75.68% of people voted yes as opposed to 24.32% who voted no.

Amendment 2, regarding Governor’s line of succession, 73.25% of voters voted yes opposed to 26.75% that voted no.

Amendment 3, covers the removal of slavery from the Constitution, which resulted in 81.47% of voters saying yes to 18.53% of voters that said no.

Amendment 4, allowing faith leaders in state offices, resulted in 58.93% yes and 41.07% no.