So, if you know anything about sports, you know LeBron James and the rest of the Cleveland Cavaliers just embarrassed the 73-9 regular season No. 1 seed Golden State Warriors. 115-101.

Of course, LeBron haters came out of the woodwork and talked about how the NBA is rigged. One of those haters is Ayesha Curry, Steph Curry’s wife (perhaps she got her feelings hurt?).

First of all, LeBron scored 41 points two games in a row. You can’t rig that.

Second of all, was the NBA rigged when Golden State came back 3-1 against the Thunder?

What about during the season when Golden State won 73 games?

So, what you’re saying is that if the NBA is rigged, it’s okay if it’s rigged for your husband’s team, but when it’s not, you have to put it on Twitter.

Third of all, let’s switch roles and eject LeBron in Game 6 for throwing a mouthpiece. Twitter would overload about how classless he is. Curry has been quiet this entire series. If that was LeBron, Skip Bayless and everyone else would have a field day talking about how terrible he is.

Just because LeBron and his wife aren’t “relationship goals” and he doesn’t have a cute kid to sit in his press conferences with, people love to hate him.

Lastly, if Game 7 goes in favor of the Warriors, everyone will talk about how LeBron has lost five Finals. Last year, even Michael Jordan couldn’t have won a Finals with the team LeBron had. This year, he led his team to a Game 7 against last year’s Finals winner and a team that went 73-9. Does that not count for anything?

I’m not saying Steph Curry isn’t good and doesn’t deserve his success; he is one of the best point guards to ever set foot on a court. He constantly breaks records and you can’t simply say he isn’t good.

But they’re not in Kansas anymore and not everything is going to go their way. They won’t get every call, and it looks a lot better on you when you take it and move on, rather than cuss out refs and throw mouthpieces.

Oh, by the way, Ayesha deleted the tweet.